We’re back!

Sonic Film Box is back! The original internet home of “Hitch it Or Ditch it” has been offline a few years. My writing partner Marcus left for a run at Examiner (now defunct.) l wrote briefly for Examiner and a few other places, went back to school for a bit,  had some big life upheavals, found Twitter and was content for awhile. Recently Marcus told me he had a back catalog of movie reviews saved from Examiner with no home and he really wanted to start writing again. I was heavily researching cutting the cable cord and using just streaming services. Then like chocolate in peanut butter, a new thing was created, or actually, an old thing was revived with new purpose.

Sonic Film Box will have movie reviews from Marcus of current movies and his old reviews will gradually resurface here as streaming picks on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more. We will still “Hitch or Ditch” movie trailers and I’ll occasionally review TV shows. As we grow, streaming will be a big focus of the site as the movie industry has shorter and shorter windows for theatrical release to home viewing. In some cases there is simultaneous releasing or even direct to streaming. The huge growth and success of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others in original television series content could keep me busy and still never see every streaming show out there. We love awards shows, so expect plenty of talk about Oscars, Emmys and other trophy ceremonies. We’ll take a theme or a couple topics and run with them for a week or a month. Also we’ll have guest contributors provide their own perspectives, knowledge and/or experiences on a theme or topic.

So what is a “Sonic Film Box?” The original site’s concept was we were going to cover music (sonic), movies (film) and TV (box.) However, with the resurrected site’s streaming focus, the box becomes the thing you are reading this on like a computer, tablet or phone. The box is that Roku or Fire TV device that brings you Netflix & live TV from Sling. The box is your smart TV that can also stream Pandora or Spotify. Sonic Film Box will be covering things that stream or will be coming to streaming eventually like current movie releases. There will be some “out of the box” tangents along the way.

In February, Marcus will be focused on the Oscars. I’ll be talking about what has been influential entertainment that pushed me from being a passive consumer to wanting to write about and even create my own scripts. We’ll bring back “Hitch it or Ditch it” where we decide if a film’s movie trailer wants us to see it in theaters or wait till never to see it. Plus we have a very special guest contributor, Bobby Rivers, who brings a HUGE WEALTH of film knowledge with him, to talk about diversity in entertainment during Black History Month.

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