Movie Review – ‘Deadpool 2’ redefining the ‘fun’ in funny

The current landscape in Hollywood is tough to define right now. So much has happened in the past year and with the recent arrest of one Harvey Weinstein, maybe some of that black cloud that has been stationary over the industry might finally start to break apart for clearer skies. Either way, it’s certainly a start and that’s welcomed news for those fans wanting some new ideas to enter the picture from men and women.  I just wonder what genre we will see it from, as lately, we have been inundated with one blockbuster flick after another. Seems like studios are only wanting known commodities these days causing the market to really become saturated with prequels and sequels. I think maybe the last non-series film to find huge success at the box office was probably “Coco” which went on to earn over $806.3 million worldwide last year, good for 11th on the list for 2017. That’s ridiculous and why I lift up a film like “Deadpool 2,” because while it may be a sequel, it’s nothing like anything else currently in theaters, making it one of the timeliest ideas we have seen in recent memory. So thank you Ryan Reynolds for reminding us of just how far down the rabbit hole we have gone with all these big budget superhero films.

Anyone that hasn’t seen the original, it’s not completely necessary before watching this one, but it will help give you some context to this character Ryan Reynolds is playing. Because Deadpool is like nothing you have experienced before, which honestly cannot be overstated enough. I didn’t read any of the comics, but I can’t imagine it was as entertaining as the spin Reynolds has put on the character for the big screen. Sure, it helps they have had complete control over what they have wanted to do as far as content, language and effects, but they still have to put something on the big screen that audiences will embrace. I just don’t think they ever expected this kind of success, given there hadn’t ever been an R-rated film from this genre before. It was a gamble and one that took them 11 years to fulfill, but after the success of the first and now this sequel, it all seems to have been worth it. Reynolds has said as much stating in a recent EW article that during the filming of the original, they would brainstorm ideas for the sequel that were “utterly absurd,” yet ended up finding a way into this film. That’s brilliant and exactly why they are probably on the verge of a better showing from this second installment, one that centered on revenge after Deadpool’s girlfriend was gunned down in his arms. Full of rage and distraught, Deadpool goes dark and after failing to kill himself decided to form a team dubbed the X-Force in the hopes of trying to stop Cable, a time-travelling soldier hell bent on destroying a young mutant that murdered his family in the future. But, after seeing the root of Cable’s plan, Deadpool and his team attempt to re-write history a different way leading to a conclusion that not only was hilarious, but full of fake emotion.

Image result for josh brolin deadpool 2Given the fact Ryan Reynolds makes fun of this character, it really makes you appreciate what he has created. Wearing so many hats can be tough, but this franchise is very much his baby and he appears to be having so much fun with it. Given the dynamics of the character, it makes perfect sense, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take skill. And Reynolds has plenty of that as he drives this film and cast to a place that is not only unexpected, but worthwhile. So great with his unheralded comedic timing and absolute disregard of reality, Reynolds is able to ab lib his way through this script with ease, one he actually helped write alongside Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The dialogue and overall flow of this film was impressive and a far cry from what you would normally get out of a comedy, much less one built around a superhero. So kudos to him for realizing he couldn’t just do some of the same things he did in the first, as it sure seemed like the supporting cast thrived off the scripts savviness. Especially Josh Brolin, who played Cable. This guy can almost do no wrong these days as he was able to take a break from being Thanos (“Avengers : Infinity War”) to bring his own presence to this cast. And in typical Brolin fashion, he came with the thunder and with that smirk and grizzly tone. I love this guy and like that he was willing to take a chance on a series like this. Complimenting Reynolds well, it was neat to see these two work on screen together a mitt the chaos that surrounded them.

Image result for deadpool 2One thing “Deadpool 2” had that might not be talked about enough is the director David Leitch and just how good he is. For fans of “John Wick” and “Atomic Blonde,” you already know, but for everyone else, take notice of this guy as he is just getting started. Clearly I am a fan, but even if I wasn’t, I would hopefully be able to appreciate just how well he sets up his films. From the lighting to the cinematography, Leitch knows what he wants and is able to create a setting that on the surface seems so much bigger than it is. Using everything at his disposal, he ensures the audience feels and sees everything his characters within the story see. I like that and really it shows that there is still hope out there for some new eyes behind the camera. That action was great and fell right in line with the first one of not feeling like it was too much at any one moment. If anything, there might not have been enough action, but it still worked within the carefully storyline carved out by the writers. So kudos to Reynolds for never quitting on a dream, one that is quickly becoming one of the best quite the But, if that’s the worst thing I can say about this comedy, that’s not too bad considering I will be seeing it again to catch all the things I missed the first time.






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