Movie Review – ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is a fun ride filled with intrigue and sorrow

Let the fun begin. After 18 films and a whole lot of time invested, fans are finally getting the war they wanted. Will it be good enough and answer all the questions that have undoubtedly piled up? I guess only time will tell, but my hope going in was that the writers and directors at least did what was right with “Avengers: Infinity War.”  Meaning, they didn’t get too engrossed with any one character or piece to the story. Well, after watching this film, I can happily say they accomplished that feat as I couldn’t had been more impressed. Figure, so much has happened that got us to this point, so being able to put it all together in two separate parts couldn’t had been easy. So never mind those naysayers who claim it was too big or the same as the previous 18 films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sorry, but to be that short minded is ridiculous, which is why I chose to see this film at face value. Do that and you will be rewarded in spades.

Image result for avengers infinity warFor those that don’t remember what got us to this point, look elsewhere, as this is not that type of review. We look forward here, which is why I already hinted that this is Part 1 of 2. I know, some people already knew that, but I actually had forgot about it until my very well versed 15-year old niece told me as we walked out of the theater. This was of course right after she said she would need to see it again, a fact that all of us will undoubtedly be facing. Because that’s how impactful this film was and why it will be nearly impossible for me to not reveal too much here. Fact is, this entire review could be a spoiler if I let it, but I will still try to ride the line in the best way possible. I’m sure that’s what Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were doing when deciding on when to cut off this first part, which is full of chaos thanks to the Avengers new enemy Thanos (Josh Brolin). Remember, he is the guy who retrieved the Power Stone from Xander, and the one after the rest of the Infinity stones to fill out his destiny of destroying half of everything in the universe. What a guy and one that knows virtually every weakness of his superhero foes, a fact the Avengers quickly come to grips with while they attempt to stop him. Throw in the fact that the more of these Infinity stones he collects, the more powerful he gets making the task even tougher. To say they were in a war is a huge understatement though, as Thanos is unlike anything they have ever faced, so to defeat him, they would have to work smarter and even more as a team. Of course that’s easier said than done once Thanos starts unleashing his own team of powerful beings leading to one epic battle and conclusion surely to leave you speechless.

Once you get this far down the line within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the cast doesn’t really surprise anyone. Sure some have come and gone, but mostly the same set of characters that started all this remain entrenched along with a few others like the Guardians of the Galaxy. Yup, they have finally entered the big picture after rescuing Thor (Chris Hemsworth) from the Asgardian ship. Even though I was expecting it, I will admit it was nice for them to be involved given the humor they bring to the table. Plus with Gamora (Zoe Zaldona) and her ties to Thanos, it made for some really emotional scenes’ you don’t expect from this type of film. Given just how many superheroes there were, you might not get the screen time you want from your favorite, but I think the Russo brothers did their best to give everyone their own space within the story. Figure with Iron Man (Robert Downy Jr.) virtually everywhere, there can only be so much room, but it worked given the events within the story. He was the first to enter this universe, so in some ways it’s deserved. However, he did have some competition here as Josh Brolin’s Thanos was quite the specimen. Standing 12 feet tall, he was no pushover and acted the part as he destroyed what was left of the world he loathed. What a performance by a guy most people won’t recognize, but should given his vast resume. Plus this is probably the best villain we have seen since Heath Ledger’s own Joker in “The Dark Knight.” I know, different universe, but it still shouldn’t diminish the job he did playing a guy most of us don’t know or recognize as much.

Image result for avengers infinity warI have to admit, I never expected to get this much movie when I first sat down to watch “Avengers: Infinity War.” I mean, this is 149 minutes long, but it didn’t feel like it at least. So for anyone saying it was too long, forget that nonsense as its pace was just fine. Sure there might have been a few slower moments, but by the time you started to think about it, something happened within the story to deter your attention. That’s big and a product of the script Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely put together, but also what Anthony and Joe Russo were doing behind the camera. I have never really understood why some films have multiple directors, but it clearly works for these two as they managed to be everywhere you would expect and even some spots where you wouldn’t. I was impressed with how well the script worked with the combat sequences, especially on Wakanda, which oddly looked so much better here than in “Black Panther.” Nothing was overstated and it all just felt right. I know, seems almost too simplistic, but that’s the biggest compliment I can give this film which managed to be both funny and emotional. So kudos to all involved as this is a good first step to the finish line. I realize just the thought of that might send some fans over the edge, but all this does need to end.


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