Hitch It or Ditch It searches for ‘Alien’ artifacts in ‘Covenant’

The Set-up–  Have you ever found yourself watching a trailer before a feature presentation and turning to your friend or date with a snap judgement of, “I want to see that” or “Oh, that looks awful!”? That’s the experience we wanted to recreated. A movie trailer (aka preview) is suppose to sell you on a movie. You may never read anything else about the movie or see any cast on talk shows promoting the film.  So, the trailer might be the only experience you have to learn about the movie and quickly make a decision on whether you file this away as something you want to see or skip. Marcus and I will either recommend a “Hitch It” (go see it when it comes out) or “Ditch It” (wait until cable/streaming/home video release or never) based on the trailer and what we know about the actors, director, etc that could sway our opinion.

Alien Covenant – Opens: May 19, 2017

Marcus says – Hitch It
Well, the wait is finally over. The next part to what came “before” the critically acclaimed 1979 “Alien” is here. That’s right, “Alien Covenant” is both a prequel and sequel since its coming after the events in “Prometheus.” I just wonder what the reaction will be, as this is one of those series that people either love or hate. That’s mostly due to all the random sequels that came after Ridley Scott’s original, none of which were that successful. [Editor Note – What about James Cameron’s “Aliens?” – Kel] Putting box office numbers to it, “Prometheus” and “Alien” have combined to gross over $508 million worldwide whereas the other five have grossed just under $754 million together. That’s a lot closer than you would think proving Ridley Scott’s worth to a series he probably cherishes a little too much, but one that I still trust him over anyone else with. Purely from a cinematic and visual perspective, you will not find many directors who can match Ridley Scott’s eye. So even if the story is lacking in places or if Michael Fassbender isn’t as good as we hope he will be, I will look forward to the backdrops and how the film was shot by Scott. That’s no copout, just a truth to help get me into the theater considering the trailer doesn’t really do it any favors by making it look more like a horror film than a sci-fi thriller.

Kel says – Ditch It
This post has been in the queue for a while as I deliberated which way to go. The longest I’ve ever taken as I really want to exclaim “HITCH IT! TAKE MY MONEY NOW!” However, I was also quite burned from “Prometheus.”  While I didn’t exactly hate it at the time, I’ve never since considered anything in it essential for a rewatch. I like Fassbender but the character’s look and feel were not appealing the first time around. While other people were comparing this franchise to “Star Wars,” I just keep coming back to “Halloween” instead.

“Halloween,” “Halloween II,” and “H20” formed the best trilogy – the story of Laurie Strode eventually beating the boogieman. The 3rd entry “Season of the Witch” was its own thing and a really fun 80’s cheesy horror.  The other 3 films prior to “H20” formed their own story with Jamie. The final film before the reboot is the least essential of all and undoes the ending of “H20.” So I can see how this franchise can have its “Prometheus” started story for a few films. The dangling hope of a return to Ripley’s story in a proper “Alien 5” (the “H20” in this comparison) was always out there. Neill Blomkamp (co-writer/director of “District 13.”) had a script and was attached to direct with Sigourney Weaver ready to bring Ripley back to the screen. Neill released concept art that made the “Alien” universe fans hyperventilate with joy. The story would essentially veer away the original 3rd & 4th entries and pick back up with Newt & Hicks both still alive after the end of James Cameron’s “Aliens.” That has been less and less likely now that Ridley Scott wants to do several more movies with the current storyline. So yeah, I don’t want this movie to do well so that “the powers that be” decide that the fandom really wants Blomkamp’s vision.

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