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The original internet home of “Hitch it Or Ditch it.” Sonic Film Box will have movie reviews from Marcus of current movies and his old reviews will gradually resurface here as streaming picks on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more. We will still “Hitch or Ditch” movie trailers and I’ll occasionally review TV shows. As we grow, streaming will be a big focus of the site. We love awards shows, so expect plenty of talk about Oscars, Emmys and other trophy ceremonies. We’ll take a theme or a couple topics and run with them for a week or a month. Also we’ll have guest contributors provide their own perspectives, knowledge and/or experiences on a theme or topic.

So what is a “Sonic Film Box?” The original site’s conceit was we were going to cover music (sonic), movies (film) and TV (box.) However, with the resurrected site’s streaming focus, the box becomes the thing you are reading this on like a computer, tablet or phone. The box is that Roku or Fire TV device that brings you Netflix & live TV from Sling. The box is your smart TV that can also stream Pandora or Spotify. Sonic Film Box will be covering things that stream or will be coming to streaming eventually like current movie releases. There will be some “out of the box” tangents along the way.   – Kel

Regular Contributors/Crew 

Kel Kendrick  (Editor/Owner/Writer) Press agents, please contact me. 
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Kel “came online” (as he refers to his earliest memory) watching “Star Wars” (back before they added the “A New Hope”) at a drive-in movie theater.  Kel’s father gave up a successful advertising business to become a singer-songwriter and later became an internet preacher. As a son of preacher man, Kel grew up an eclectic childhood in Ohio, Kentucky and finally adopted Nashville, TN as his “hometown.” He has been working since he was 15 with jobs in music retail,  ticketing, marketing for a performing arts center, pension & 401k administration and now the insurance industry. His goal is to continue his education in Digital Media at FSCJ. Kel has dabbled in entertainment writing in the past, with another iteration of Sonic Film Box, the now defunct Examiner.com and We♥TV. He’s an aspiring TV writer and very avid Twitter user.


Marcus Eger's pictureMarcus Eger  (Editor/Writer)

Armed with a love for film, Marcus first started writing about movies back when going to rent a movie at Blockbuster Video was an actual thing to do on a Friday night. Only then, he had no clue where this passion “to give his opinion” would take him. After a brief stint as a guest columnist for Jacksonville.com and later the Jacksonville Movie Examiner for the now defunct Examiner.com, Marcus is primed for his new role within the Sonic Film Box family.

Originally from Dallas, TX, Marcus balances his professional life in payroll with his family at home. So when he is not watching and writing about the latest movie he saw, he is trying to be the best husband and father around. He is a part-time videographer who loves music and most sports, including football where he bleeds silver & blue every Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys are playing. But, ultimately this m0vieguru is just a fan with a lot to say about movies and all the awards that tend go along with it.

Special Guest Star Contributors 

Bobby Rivers

The New York Times hailed Bobby Rivers as “a master interviewer with a gift for banter” on his VH1 celebrity talk show in the late 1980s. Bobby Rivers has been a prime time talk show host, an ABC News movie critic and entertainment news contributor, a syndicated game show host and a Food Network host. Whoopi Goldberg picked him to be on her Premiere Radio weekday morning show in 2006. He’s acted in national TV commercials and played a recurring comedy character for The Onion. A longtime SAG-AFTRA union member, he’s proud to have been the first African-American to get a talk show on VH1 and also to be one of the few black performers who’s been a weekly movie critic and film historian on network TV. On VH1, some of his guests were Kirk Douglas, Norman Mailer, Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, Ben Kingsley, Paul McCartney, Carlos Santana, Omar Sharif, Patrick Swayze, Sally Field, cartoon voiceover legend Mel Blanc and Whoopi Goldberg. Bobby Rivers grew up in South Central L.A., graduated from a high school in Watts and got a B.A. from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kel would LOVE to be able to hire Bobby Rivers as a personal walking encyclopedia of entertainment who adds sharp, witty, educated commentary on everything he watches. Alas, Kel is just a dude with a blog. Bobby’s available for professional entertainment work and you can see examples of his on-camera skills at this link.

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